In Part 3 of our Oceanfront Condo series, we're going to breakdown the different floorplans available in the Myrtle Beach area. There are a lot of options and a lot of things to consider as you move forward. Mark Loomis, one of our BRG Oceanfront Condo experts has broken them down for you here: 


For the most part, you have two different styles of 1 bedroom condos here, you have either the "Shotgun" style floor plan OR the Deluxe floor plan.   Approx. 90% of all Oceanfront 1 BR condos in the myrtle beach area are the "shotgun" style floor plan, which is where you enter the condo, walk into the bedroom, then there's a hallway with a galley kitchen on one side and a full bathroom opposite. The living room is normally the portion of the condo that is Oceanfront.   Most living rooms have either a sleeper sofa or a murphy bed.  Most shotgun 1 Bedroom units have 2 double beds and then either the murphy bed or sleeper sofa giving you space to sleep 4-6 people in a 1 Bedroom.  Some shotgun 1 Bedroom units feature a king bed instead of 2 double beds.  If you are looking at your Oceanfront Condo as an investment, the "king bed suites" typically rent for slightly more money than the double bed suites since most 1 Bedroom units are rented by couples or small families. 

For example, at Caribbean I resort, the king bed suites grossed around $34-35K onsite in 2017 while the double bed suites grossed approximately $29-31K onsite in 2017.    

Deluxe 1 Bedroom condos are typically only found in the newer buildings such as Anderson Ocean ClubRoxanne Towers, Avista, Prince Resort, Bayview Resort, Oceans One, and Sandy Beach Resort II; however, some older buildings DO have them, such as Patricia Grand and Breakers Boutique.    

As we've mentioned in previous series, the decision is truly based on how much personal usage you truly want.   Are you more concerned with finding a vacation home to suit you and your family's needs?  Or are you more concerned with the rental income?  Typically, renters don't care about the shotgun versus deluxe floor plan. They just want to vacation at the beach!at is simply a feature that a buyer might want.  

Finally, keep in mind that regardless of the style, most 1 bedroom condos do not have an oceanfront bedroom. There are only a few in the area that that feature an oceanfront bedroom in a 1 Bedroom condo...Patricia Grand and Breakers Boutique are one of the few that have this feature. So if your dream condo includes lying in bed and looking at the ocean, you may need to look at the larger condos. 


Once again, there are basically 2 layouts for 2 Bedroom Oceanfront condos, the "single bay" layout and the "double bay" layout. Single-bay means that only the living room bay is the OCEANFRONT part of the condo with both bedrooms in the rear of the condo.  This floor plan will look like an inverted "T" on paper.  Double-bay means that the living room AND the master bedroom both face the ocean with only the 2nd bedroom in the rear of the condo. Many buildings in the Myrtle Beach area feature both floor plans. 

Avista Resort in NMB; Atlantica I, II, and III;  The Horizon on 77th; Caribbean II; Dunes Village Resort II; Ocean Creek Tower North; and Sandy Beach II all have both single bay and double bay floorplans.  

One interesting thing to note is that although double-bay 2 bedrooms typically sell for a bit more money in any resort, the actual rental income doesn't vary that much. So again, if you're primarily looking for a rental unit, this is something to keep in mind. 

Additionally, there are a few buildings with 2 BR / 2 BA lockout condos, which is where you have a large 1 BR / 1 BA condo with an adjoining door to an efficiency / 1 BA condo.  It can be rented together as a 2/2 condo or separately.  Owners who rent out this type of unit will receive 2 rental checks per month – 1 for each unit.   

         Some notable buildings with 2 bedroom lock-out units include:  Bayview Resort, Breakers Boutique, Sands Ocean Club, Seawatch North Tower.


One of the main things to remember in regards to 3 bedroom oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach is that some of the older buildings will have all 3 bedrooms in the rear of the condo with no oceanfront master suite.  These buildings include: Arcadian I and II (certain floor plans); Ocean Sails; and a few buildings near the Cherry Grove point.   Other than thee, almost all 3 Bedroom Oceanfront Condos along the Grand Strand will have at least the master suite facing the ocean.  There are also a couple of buildings that have 2 or more bedrooms in a 3 bedroom floorplan that will face the ocean, notably Prince Resort I and Breakers Boutique.   

Just like with 2 bedroom units, there are also 3 bedroom lockout condos available. In this case, you have doors separating the condos so they can be rented either together as one large 3 bedroom or oftentimes as a 1 Bedroom Unit with 2 Efficiency Units. 

Bayview Resort has a 3/3 lockout that consist of a 2/2 with an efficiency / 1 BA condo.  Breakers Boutique has a 3/3 lockout that is a large 1 BR/1 BA with 2 efficiencies and 2 baths.  


These are your typical "Hotel rooms."  You enter into the condo and you're right in the kitchen area that is open to the bedroom / living area.  The only area with a door is the bathroom.  Some efficiencies will have a small kitchenette (mini-fridge, microwave, and sink) while others will not.    


Most of your 4 bedroom or larger Oceanfront Condos will be found in North Myrtle Beach and they are typically in your more PRIMARY HOME or 2ND HOME style buildings.  Most "rental machine" buildings don't have these larger condos.  However, a few do, such as Ocean Reef Resort, Caribbean II, Beach Colony, Dunes Village, Grand Atlantic, North Beach Plantation, and Paradise Resort (4/3 lockout). 

As you can see, there are a ton of options for Oceanfront Condos along the beautiful beaches of the Grand Strand!

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