The weather is cooling and it's that magical time of the year. No, not that magical time. We're talking about the time of year when the leaves of thousands of trees change color and fall to the ground covering lawns, footpaths, gutters, and driveways all along the Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach is well-known for its beautiful beaches, but we also have a ton of gorgeous oak ( and other) trees which means unless you're living in an oceanfront condo, there is some leaf maintenance to be addressed every year.

Some people deal with the leaves by scooping them up to use on their gardens; others cart them away or rake them into the street or gutter for the city handle.

Let's take a look at some of the do's and don’ts of handling your fallen leaves this winter/fall.

Check Your Local Laws - All counties and cities differ when it comes to disposing of your leaves. It is very important to become familiar with your local regulations, which will save you both time and any potential aggravations. Also, this may allow you to manipulate the current policies to your advantage.


PLEASE Do Not Burn Your Leaves - Not only is this illegal in most states, but it can also be very harmful to the environment. It will also be damaging to your health if the smoke is ingested.


PLEASE Do Not Put Leaves in the Street - This is a common practice for homeowners to avoid damaging their tree lawn. However, the leaves inevitably end up in road drains, which end up in waterways and restricts the sunlight that produces the oxygen that aquatic life needs to survive.


You may be able to avoid raking - If you have some problematic patches of grass on your lawn, it may be more beneficial to “leave” it covered with leaves. Decomposing leaves act as a great nutrient that will bring that unsightly spot back to life which brings us to our next point.

It's Free Mulch! - Not only will it help your grass grow but also can be used to help flowerbeds. Around 70% of leaf plants extract, which makes it an affordable and effective resource to aid your garden.


Compost Pile - Your leaves can be added to your compost pile or can be a great kick-off point to start to one. Composts one of the best solutions to help combat waste and can be used to help make your landscaping FLOURISH come spring.


Keep Off Hard Surfaces - Leaves incredible decomposing properties can be a problem if in the wrong place. The sap, pollen, and acid from leaves can stain and damage the paint finish on your car, especially if the leaves are wet.