Employment in the Myrtle Beach area is picking up, but the average salaries offered in our area are less than sufficient. The driving force of the Myrtle Beach area is the hospitality industry, and many people depend on gratuity for income. Therefore, the overall economy of the Myrtle Beach area is very dependent on tourism. We hear the argument of low wages daily while speaking with individuals that wish to relocate from the northeast. Most individuals from the north never realize their dreams of moving south, because giving up the salary they are accustomed to is not in their cards.

An interesting discovery that we found has to deal with the "Top Employers" in the Myrtle Beach area. It is no surprise that Burroughs and Chapin comes in at number 8 for Horry County, as they are responsible for bringing the tourists to the Myrtle Beach area for over half a century. What caught our eye is that Kingston Plantation is ranked number 11 on that list with 633 employees. Kingston Plantation is a condo and hotel resort located in the Arcadia Section of Myrtle Beach, and has a variety of restaurants and amenities for its guest. Most of the properties are individually owned condominiums that are leased out through the resort for a fee. Also, on site at Kingston Plantation is the Embassy Suites resort and many courtyard style villas. The community is gated and one of the most sought after Myrtle Beach resorts for those vacationing or holding a conference in the area.

Ranked number 1 on the list was Horry County Schools and number 2 is Wal-Mart.