A new year always has people considering new ideas and home design is no different. Is this the year we see a major swing from the minimalist design aesthetic to maximalist? Some designers and trendsetters think so! Watch for these styles to make their appearance in 2019!


As a possible reaction to recent minimalistic trends, watch for things to get busy. With style pendulums constantly in motion, this kitschy homage to your own personality is already on the upswing and poised to charmingly clutter many a home in the New Year. We're talking styles with maximalist touches, such as Bohemian and Shabby Chic. In fact, any design style placing a premium on personal expression is likely to see gains in popularity as more people than ever gain confidence in their own sense of design.


Industrial and Rustic Combined

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

Live edge lumber and threaded pipe from your local hardware or big-box home improvement stores are on the upswing for 2019.  Industrial feeling with a hint of rustic practicality have shown up in light fixtures, table legs, and design accents, and will continue in even more ways. Live edge lumber continues to grow into maturity but look beyond the cliche coffee table and watch for new and exciting uses for this rough-hewn texture.



Wallpaper, fabric, art and accents, floral patterns will re-emerge as a design accent. Bold abstract florals will show up in fabrics, bedding, and more. Chintz plays right into the Maximalist playbook so it's likely supply will meet the demand. This may prove to be the hardest transition for minimalists!


Coral Life

Moving on from purple, Pantone has revealed the official color of 2019: Living Coral. Described as "an animated, life-affirming shade of orange, with golden undertones," the bold hue is said to "embrace us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy." Who wouldn't want a piece of that? Expect to see pops of this vibrant shade everywhere from velvet accent pillows to sofas and even painted accent walls or bathrooms.


Bolder Backsplashes

Photo Cle Tile 

Monochromatic kitchens have been a strong trend for some time now, so look for a change asserting itself with a bold color or pattern along these limited stretches of space. It's the perfect way to transition your existing kitchen into the future.


Sustainable Textures

Textural accents will make gains in the coming year. Judicious use of rice paper, clay, weaves and natural materials like bamboo and wicker will make their appearance in force.


Mixed Metals

Combinations of metal blends will be a hot visual cue of the new design year. Contrast is always a strong statement, so you'll likely see shiny silver with hammered bronze or aged iron with gold. And all the metallics need not be forged...shimmering fabrics can lend metallics without the weight.