We are proud to announce that with dedication and sacrifice from our families, Beach Realty Group is expanding is avenues in the real estate industry in Myrtle Beach. We have launched Beach Rental Group with the help and guidance of Lori Day. Her knowledge and expertise in the rental industry shows tried and true, and we are super excited about this opportunity.

We have all the advertising in place to acquire tenants. We are actively searching for property owners in the Myrtle Beach area that want their properties to be handled professionally. Our forte as a successful real estate business has been our Internet presence, and we will bring the heat when it comes to all.

If you have a property in the Myrtle Beach area, and you are search for a dedicate property management company call us. Beach Rental Group is here to assist you with all your Myrtle Beach long-term rental needs, and our new number is 843-839-5117.